How Topicals Work

A study published by the US National Library of Medicine showed that CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in several areas of the body and human skin like the hair follicles, nerve fiber bundles, and sweat glands. This means that the chemical compounds found in Cannabis could directly affect these receptors without it needing to go through your blood and brain barrier. 

Because cannabis is lipophilic, meaning it can be dissolved into a fat-soluble substance, it easily permeates cell membranes — making it perfect for use as a topical medicine applied directly to the skin. Because topical medicines do not pass through the blood/brain barrier, or the digestive system and become diluted by the stomach and liver, they feature much faster onset than edibles and greater localized potency.

They work by binding to this network of receptors called CB2. These CB2 receptors are found throughout the body and are activated either by the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids or by cannabis compounds known as “phytocannabinoids” (e.g., THC, CBD).

Even if a topical contains active THC, it still won’t induce that intense “high” you’d get from smoking or ingesting cannabis. With most topicals, cannabinoids can’t breach the bloodstream; they only penetrate to the system of CB2 receptors.

When cannabinoids activate the CB1 or CB2 receptors, it changes bodily functions. CB1 receptors play a role in pain sensation, while CB2 has a role in inflammation. So, when these receptors come in contact with cannabinoids then they have a positive reaction in your body, whether it’s anti-inflammatory or easing pain.

The skin is the largest organ of your body, the first line of defense, and loaded with endocannabinoids, making topicals a great method of delivery for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain or inflammation. There is some extremely promising research on the horizon about how Cannabis topicals may be able to greatly reduce or reverse some of the joint issues associated with arthritis. As Cannabis becomes legal in more states and the stigma surrounding its use diminishes, we are proud to be offering this line of all natural Cannabis Botanicals as part of your wellness regimen.