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Redwood and Rose Medicinal Massage Oil


This is our signature blend, combining California Redwood(Sequoia sempervirons) that grows right out in the yard with the fragrant and ever so romantic Rose(Rosa Centrifolia). Redwood is grounding and centering, holding the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Rose is heart opening, calming, healing, and reminds us that love is what matters the most. Redwood**and Rose* are infused in Organic Coconut, Mustard and Avocado oils along with a CBD high strain of Cannabis called Remedy*. These oils are carefully strained, vitamin E Oil added for preservation, then heightened a bit more with the pure therapeutic grade essential oils***of Rose, Douglas Fir, and Cedarwood, resulting in a divinely scented, floral, foresty, woody, citrusy Medicated Massage oil that will soothe sore aching muscles while you dream of wandering down a hidden path through the forest, the scent of fresh roses wafting in the air as you slowly stroll past trees bigger than the sky.



***Essential oils are highly concentrated plant material and should be given much respect. We use them very sparingly with extreme care and caution. We only buy our oils from reputable sources to ensure quality and sustainability.

For external use only


All Cannabis is sun grown without the use of pesticides.

2 ounces in a glass dropper bottle

Handcrafted in small batches on a little farm in Northern California nestled next to a Redwood Forest.

-Roses are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent. The scent is calming, soothing, and reduces anxiety and depression. Some studies show Rose has a very positive influence on the body's nervous system.

-Redwood is grounding, centering, balancing, and imparts an otherworldly feeling from ancient connections. It has a warm, citrusy scent and leaves a wonderful forest kiss on the surface of the skin.