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Redwood and Roses Bundle


This bundle includes 4 items celebrating the ancient California redwoods of the northern coast (Sequoia sempervirons) and the ever classic rose. A variety of roses were used for these preparations to capture the subtle nuances of each one. Redwood when used both topically and/or internally is grounding, helping you to focus on your foundation, strengthen your roots and reminds us that they have bore witness to centuries and centuries on this planet holding the wisdom that can only come with age. Roses are renowned for their heart healing and heart opening qualities, they convey love, hope, warmth, sweetness and the comfort that I know so many need right now. My overall hope is that this little bundle will bring you that comfort. You will receive:

- a 2 ounce jar of Redwood and Roses Balm.

- a 1 ounce bottle of Rose CBD oil

-a 2 ounce bag of Matcha Rose Latte

- a 3 ounce bag of Rose Berry Gummies

All organic and micro-batched with my bare hands using the highest quality ingredients. A labor of love.